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Welcome to my little bit of the web.  Here you will find some of my favourite photographs.  I have been interested in photography from my early teenage years. (believe me thats a long time ago) Digital photography has sparked the interest again in the late 90s and at the turn of the century it opened up new frontiers.  Photography has become a passion, a strong desire to take pictures.  It borders on need and it has taught me the habit of seeing, as I walk around my little world I observe the oddities, the fun of life and the harsh reality.  I always thought how strange it is that we can find beauty even in the most horrible images.  I care for what I photograph which I hope shows through in my captures.

It has brought me close to friends from all over the world and opened new horizons which I never thought possible.

Hope you enjoy the time you spend here



This still stands today June 2018 no need to change anything, as I am still obsessed with photography








The vouchers can be custom made for each individual's pocket and taste.

phone Magda for more details 21435070 or 79400800

Photo sessions for Babies and toddlers (from 5 days to 1 year), Kids of any age, Teenagers and young adults, Families, Graduation, First holy communion (pracett) , Confirmation (Grizma) Christmas, Weddings, Engagements, Parties.



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